Monday, November 8, 2010

Grade 5, and

This morning one of our Grade 5 classes came down to the lab for their second visit. Our first visit was spent setting up online reading blogs for the students in the class using It seemed to work pretty well, though there were several sections that were a bit confusing. First, having the students register themselves was slightly complicated. Not to the point of frustration, but some students weren't able to complete it interdependently. Then we tried to use their password generator for student accounts. However, instead of nice passwords, we got the sX68n9Mm kind, with uppercase and numbers. Made it somewhat complicated. After it was all said and done though, most of the students got all their information entered. Their follow-up visit (today) many of them had continued to enter their reading information at home, so it had been working out great. We did run into a small bit of trouble printing, but that was just because it defaulted to printing to a PDF first, which we did not need.

Our second activity was much more fun, using one of my favorite sites,! Storyjumper lets you actually write a book on their site, illustrate it, and share it. The final product looks awesome online, and if desired, can actually be purchased as a hardcover book. The class spent their remaining time becoming familiar with the tools, and started stories of their very own. I saw a ballerina book, another about Godzilla and the Tiny Orange Bug, as well as one about a singing leprechaun that was busy meeting Santa Claus when the bell rang. As a testament to how enjoyable it was for the students to do their own writing and illustrations most of the students wanted to keep their log-in information so they could continue their stories at home! I certainly look forward to seeing their work.

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