Friday, December 3, 2010

Kerpoof Spell a Picture

Yesterday one of the Grade 2 classes used Kerpoof Studios to Spell-a-picture.  Kerpoof Studios has a number of different activities, writing stories, drawing, and even some simple movie making/animation sections, but one of my favorite is the Spell-a-picture.  Students can select the letters of the alphabet from the bottom of the page, or type them with the keyboard.  As they type, based on their letters, possible images of what they are typing shows up on the screen.  So if you start with D you may see a diamond, dog, DJ and a dancer, add O and it will update it to mostly dogs and a doctor.  After you correctly spell a word an arrow appears on top of the picture so you can add it to your scene.  Eventually after adding enough characters or objects you can get a pretty nice looking picture.  It is quite fun to challenge the students to come up with as many 3 letter words as they can think of, and make a picture out of that, or try a mix of just 3 and 4 letter words.  It is only available in English.

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