Monday, January 24, 2011

Good Day, Glogster Account Issues

Today at school there is some pretty good stuff going on.  A Grade 6 class is finishing off their powerpoint presentations on French Celebrities.  Two Grade 2 classes just had book exchange.  After recess a Grade 4 class is going to continue with their research on endangered animals.  And after lunch I am introducing another Grade 3 class to Glogster.

I have used Glogster several times before, and it always seems to go over quite well, with the teachers and the students.  Now that I am at a school long term though, a problem with the accounts system is occurring to me.  If a teacher in Grade 3 makes an account for a student in Grade 3, and that student moves on to Grade 4 and wishes to continue using Glogster, we have an issue.  The Grade 3 teacher will most likely want to use Glogster again, because it is awesome, and in order to do so she will have to delete her previous classes work.  The student will not have any sort of persistence with their work then.  If I plan to create sites that allow students to demonstrate digital portfolio's, this could become an issue.

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  1. Dear Mr. Walter, Student Portfolios, streamlined between grade levels, is an important new feature in our Glogster EDU Premium platform. If you like, there's much more info at


    The Glogster EDU Team