Tuesday, January 11, 2011 is super video snipping!

Just tried out today. Students were trying to get a video added to their presentation about a figure skater, and wanted to show a short clip of her skating in the Olympics.  However, the best quality video they could find, that showed exactly what they wanted was over 8 minutes long, far longer than the presentation itself could (or should!) be.  I remembered seeing showing up from last week, but I had just bookmarked it and not had a chance to test it out.  The interface was really easy, and in a few moments the students had selected a 30 second clip that showcased exactly what they needed.  No fuss, no registration.  Very nice.  Only issue we ran into was that it did not work correctly with Internet Explorer 8, but as I had installed Chrome at the same time as Google Earth we had a ready alternative.

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