Sunday, February 27, 2011

Presentation to other Teacher-Librarians

Yesterday I had a Professional development day with my fellow teacher librarians in the Eastern School District.  It was a great day that started with a presentation from the Public Library showcasing all the resources that they had available for schools to use, including the World Book online, EBSCO, Tumblebooks, and even information about their upcoming E-book online check-out!  More exciting, all of this material was free, as long as you have a library card.  Overall, great presentation, and certainly made us all aware of resources that we had no idea about previously.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vocaroo and Poetry!

One of the Grade 6 classes was working on poetry this week.  They had to research a poet, and find their favorite poem by that author.  After doing some biographical research to learn about their poet, and then posting it in their kidblog.  After they did that I suggested to the students that they could record their favorite poem using Vocaroo.  Vocaroo is ridiculously easy to use.  Once you give it permission to access your microphone you click the record button, and record whatever you want to say.  After that, if you like what you hear, you can share it by emailing it, or get the code to embed it into a website.  If you don't like it, record again.  Thats it!  The students had no problem using it, and within 15 minutes everyone pretty much had theirs done.  I would recommend it for anyone to use.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I love the internet, and this is an example why

I was moving through my regular sites, and I noticed this awesome video on making an ice tower!

I love that someone cared enough to make this video, and then to share it as well.  It looks really fun, and I would love to take the time to try it myself.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two New Sites for Book information

I found two new sites for information on books today.  I find getting information on tech is usually pretty easy.  I have tons of RSS feeds, and twitter feeds that are full of educational tech information.  Finding information about new and exciting children's literature is somewhat of a different matter.  Because I was never formally trained in this area, and have limited expertise (this is only my third year as a teacher-librarian, and my first as a full time one!) I have not found it easy to learn or hear about new books.

They are:
The Cath in the Hat
Cath is a children's liteature author and editor, and she offers her opinions and insights about books that she has read.  I find her ideas interesting, and well written, so I keep coming back to see what she has said.  Her blog is on now on my RSS feed.


I heard about Tinlids from a fellow librarian.  While they are a book seller, so far, in  just a week, I have enjoyed what they have to say about different books.  Almost as important, they are Canadian, giving them a slightly more local approach to books.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just testing out vocaroo, a site for simple audio sharing.  Looks interesting, and I look forward to playing with it more.

Glogster Explosion!

Last week I had one class using Glogster!  I did a short presentation on it at school, for our collegial circle.  This week I have 8 classes using it, and several more interested!  I guess it goes to show that an interesting learning tool,and an alternative method of presenting information is interesting to a lot of teachers.