Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glogster Explosion!

Last week I had one class using Glogster!  I did a short presentation on it at school, for our collegial circle.  This week I have 8 classes using it, and several more interested!  I guess it goes to show that an interesting learning tool,and an alternative method of presenting information is interesting to a lot of teachers.


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  2. Thank you for using Glogster EDU. I just experimented with software applications on the Mac today, such as iPhoto and iWeb. I was able to create a Blog and link it to YouTube and other sites and copy and paste that link to my Glog. The wiki-space is another great Glog embedding platform.
    The new video and audio Grab feature within Glogster EDU is great. Make sure that your internal microphone works, though, and if not, use an external microphone.
    Warmest regards,