Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two New Sites for Book information

I found two new sites for information on books today.  I find getting information on tech is usually pretty easy.  I have tons of RSS feeds, and twitter feeds that are full of educational tech information.  Finding information about new and exciting children's literature is somewhat of a different matter.  Because I was never formally trained in this area, and have limited expertise (this is only my third year as a teacher-librarian, and my first as a full time one!) I have not found it easy to learn or hear about new books.

They are:
The Cath in the Hat
Cath is a children's liteature author and editor, and she offers her opinions and insights about books that she has read.  I find her ideas interesting, and well written, so I keep coming back to see what she has said.  Her blog is on now on my RSS feed.


I heard about Tinlids from a fellow librarian.  While they are a book seller, so far, in  just a week, I have enjoyed what they have to say about different books.  Almost as important, they are Canadian, giving them a slightly more local approach to books.

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