Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trying to post from my Ipad

Seems like this will work out alright. I was just testing out Google Sites, and I seemed to be unable to edit text in the main body of the site pages. That is the first time that it has seemed the IPad is not good enough for the work I am doing. No big deal really. I will just power on the netbook and edit the info there, but it is kind of annoying.

I am using Google Sites because I am trying to create a simple portfolio template to use for elementary students. The previous sites were very cumbersome, and were only able to be edited at school. I also thought about trying to use Blogger itself as a platform for that, but it is not really providing the setup I want for this sort of work. A little too interactive, and too multipurpose. At least with sites I can create a simple template, one that will allow some degree of customization, but has enough restrictions to keep it from imploding into a YouTube smorgasbord.

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