Thursday, June 9, 2011

June Post!

I should have posted a long time ago, but am using the lame excuse of time.  Even though that is not really true.  I did finally set up the ability to blog more easily from my smartphone though, so I hope that causes me to post a little more.

Have been busy though.  The school ordered a Mobi board and a set of clickers.  The Mobi's themselves have met a lukewarm response.  This school has Smartboard brand IWB, and it seems like the teachers are more willing to stick with those instead of trying something new.  I can understand that, there is only so much time in the run of a day, but the Mobi's are about a 1/10th of the cost... Oh well.

The clickers on the other hand were great.  I have set them up with two Grade 4 teachers already and they have done math and science quizzes on them.  The students and the staff really enjoyed it and found it easy to set up.  May be more traction with those guys.

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