Monday, October 24, 2011

Class Participation Tools


Certainly been shared before.  Was just in the collection of tools I was making.  Worth mentioning again.  Lets you use cellphones as a clicker response tool for quizes.  Very easy to use, and free up to a certain point.  Certainly the kind of thing I would consider paying for if I did a lot of teaching that required this though.  And it is not expensive, and the features are decent.  One of the nicest features is that the polls update live.
Thanks to Ian Crewe for this one.


Lets you do quizes and questions beyond just multiple choice questions, including true/false, short answer, paced quiz, and an exit question, across a variety of devices such as  phones, tablets, computers.  I have not played with this one at all, so I am somewhat unsure of what it is like to use, but the feature set seems great, and it is free.


Is in beta, but I believe they are accepting anyone who applies for it.  Bit different than the other two.  This is more of a lecturing engagement tool.  You post the soapbox code, others join, and can indicate their level of understanding while you are speaking.  The presented can also post questions that listeners can respond to in public, privately, as well as quizes.  I really like the set up of this one, but it would be best for some sort of lecturing presentation.  Still very much woth a look.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


ClassParrot is a site that allows you to communicate with your students via text message, privately, and for free.
You create an account on the site, it generates a number and passcode.  Students text that number, and are given further instructions to enter their name.  They are then entered on the class list.  You can now send texts to that class without revealing your phone number.  Students are also able to ask questions, and the teacher can even send Yes/No polls.
It seems like a nice way to communicate with students.  You start with 500 free text credits, and each text sent or recieved costs you one credit.  Each month you are given 200 more credits.  If you want more than that you need to start paying, about $9.00 month for unlimited texts.
Link for an inviation is below.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Think Green Recycling

Think Green participants did a great job getting the word out about the recycling blitz this week.  They emailed and phoned radio stations as well as putting up posters to remind students, and even did a spot on the announcements!  It did not translate into too many recyclables though.  Going to have to spend more time getting the word out.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ipods in the classroom?

Had a meeting today, and we spoke about getting ipods for the school!  Sounds pretty exciting, don't know exactly how it will work out, but sounds fun!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Quick Response Codes

QR Codes are those crazy codes that you sometimes see on posters, or around buildings.  They are similar to barcodes, but you can generate them yourself quite easily, and they can have text or web address linked to them.  Below is a quick review I made of "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus"

To scan one these you usally need an app you can install on an Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch, or an just about any smartphone.  You can even download programs that allow you to use Webcams to scan them.

[ ]

Above is a link to a site that lets you generate a QR treasure hunt, allowing you to create a series of scanable questions.  Because they are just text the codes do not require a connection to the internet to work.

An example of a QR treasure hunt.

One of many sites allowing you to generate QR Codes.  You follow the instructions, it generates a code, and you can download the code just like any other picture.  The Code can then be put in a document and printed.  My favorite way to use them is to print them on labels, makes them easy to stick on something.

My plan/hope is to have students to book reviews/reports and put them on a website.  They can then be placed in the back of the book and other students can see reviews that their peers made.  A bit more interactive than the standard book report.

That is a link to my "review" of the very hungry caterpillar.  Though it is a pretty poor review.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Eyes on the Solar System

Another awesome space site from NASA.
Here is the description from the site:

"Eyes on the solar system is a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data.  Explore the cosmos from your computer.  Hop on an asteroid.  Fly with NASA's voyager 2 spacecraft.  See the entire solar system moving in real time."

I first saw it on .