Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I attended TESIC on Wednesday and Thursday, the Technology Education Special Interest Council.  They have their BGM and host a PD session every two years.  It was my first time attending.something similar to this.  On Wednesday night we had a speaker, Dr. Steven Van Zoost.  He was quite interesting, and had a lot to say about student involvement in the learning process.
The next day there were several breakout sessions to attend that we had selected prior to registering.  My 3 choices had been a session on E-Backpacks, another called "Why Integrate Technology?" with Dr. Van Zoost, and finally a session on Mobile Learning with Ipads.

The E-backpack session was with Mario Chiasson.  He spoke about using ipod touches in with a group of grade 7 students.  He spoke about the students interest in using them, their feelings about using them, and the effect it had on their learning.  His E-backpack wiki is chock full of information using the devices.  He also showed a short video:

The "Why Integrate Technology Session" with Steven Van Zoost was interesting as well.  He showed several tools that he had used within his classroom, and most importantly, spoke about why they were important for his students to use.  It was a well done session.

The last breakout session, Mobile Learning with Ipads was not what I had expected.  It was mostly an introduction to teachers on the capabilities of using the ipad as a tool.  I already have my own ipad, so it was not new to me, and even the people I was sitting with were quite familiar with the technology, so I did not even get to help anyone with theirs.  It did feel good to be with a group of people who were so interested in using them.

Overall it was a great day and a half.  For me, the best part was just being around other people who were interested in using technology to further learning in the school.

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