Thursday, January 19, 2012

Graphing with Stats Canada

Did a nice activity with Grade 6's and graphing today.  All because i could not find the change in moose population in NL for the last 20 years.

We used this site to do our graphing:

Excellent little site.  Just play around with it too see how it works.  Best thing about it is that you can preview everything before you print it.  Especially important for soemthing simple such as making sure your x and y access are labeled correctly.

As for data to graph, on stats Canada you can create your own population data sheet.

Stats Canada

You can select and mix province, gender, and even ages over a period of time.  Nice to show kids the population change in NL of 10-14 year olds over the last 20 years.

Once you "retrieve as Table" then ask for it to output format as  "HTML table, time as rows"  Then
click retireve now.

Population of 10-14 year olds, NL, 1990-2010

That is the 10-14 year olds in NL from 1990-2010.  Interesting looking data set?

Finally, if you just want some random interesting data about Canadian kids try this link:

Stats Canada Summary Results

Has everything from average wrist circumfernce, to travel time by bus to school, to average foot length.  35 different data sets that you can discuss and graph about kids in Canada.

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