Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deep Freeze Ugh!

Another day of setting up computers at school.  Adding printers and just ensuring that everything is functioning so that teachers can at least check their mail and print something.  I got roughly a third of the school done when I realized that Deep Freeze, a piece of software that prevents users from installing new software on the computer, was installed.  This meant that all of the printers I had installed weren't actually finished.  

So at least a half days work wasted, because I forgot about it... Sigh, always more work to do tomorrow I suppose.

First Day

First Day of school, over.  Actually, it was just administration day.  Met with the staff, had breakfast, and then spent the rest of the day setting up computers in teachers classrooms. Got the bare minimum done, ensuring everyone had at least one computer working so they could check their email.  Also tried to make sure that everyone's Interactive White Board was working too.  Day went by quickly, though setting up machines is about my least favourite thing to do.