Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time-lapse video: Space shuttle Endeavours trek across L.A.

This was an awesome video.  The shuttle only moved at 2 miles an hour!  Just look at how slow they had to go to avoiding hitting trees and houses, and the cherry pickers that were driving around it to ensure it had clearance to miss everything.

Time-lapse video: Space shuttle Endeavour’s trek across L.A.

Reading in the outdoor classroom

Ms. Whites class checked out books today and it was so warm that we went outside to read in the outdoor classroom!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grade 4 Halloween Poems

The Grade 4's did a quick audio activity yesterday. Students selected a poem from two sites that had Halloween Poems for children. They then needed to select two Halloween sounds from the bank that I had downloaded from Sound Bible.  One sound was for the introduction of the poem, and the second was for the closing.  After they found their two sounds, students then needed to use Audacity to add their first sound, record themselves reading their poem, and add their last sound.

The finished product wasn't too bad, although I didn't remember to tell the students to name the poem or give credit to the author after they finished.  They worked in partners too, which gave me half as many computers to deal with plus I think it really increased the success rate of the students.  I sometimes forget in my zeal to have each student seated in front of a computer that sometimes individual work isn't the best method of getting something done.