Thursday, February 21, 2013


First in the list of apps I am going to look at is AirPresenter.

As I am just pulling these from a list, I had no sweet clue what this app was supposed to do.  I opened it up and was greeted with this screen:

It just appeared to be a black screen with some icons on the side.  Even more baffling, I had no idea what most of them did.  There was a camera icon, a grid, what looked like a piece of paper, a pen, a paint roller, and the box with the down pointing arrow.

I got in trouble right away.

The camera button seemed to flip between the front ipad camera, and a black screen.  Thats when I realized that my case was covering the back camera and the default view of the app was whatever the back camera was seeing.  Once I straightened that out I realized that I could use the pen to draw on whatever the ipad was looking at.  

In this case I was looking at my leg.

This seemed incredibly useless.  Who wants to draw on what the camera is seeing?  It wasn't a still image, and as soon as the ipad moved my drawings made no sense at all.  The grid button just took me to a blank page with a plus icon in the top right and a cancel button in the top right.  Clicking on either of them just took me back to the main video drawing screen.

So far, useless.

I moved on to the Paint Roller icon and realized that you can use it to set a background, either a solid color, or an image from the ipad, or you could take a picture with the ipad.  Inexplicably, one of the buttons did nothing but focus the ipad camera.  I still have no idea what that was for.  However, once I found out how to set a background the tool became marginally more useful. 

For some reason I had a picture of Mark Tewksbury saved on my ipad, so I set that as the background and played around with the app a little more.  You can set the size and color of the pen using the pen icon:
Nothing too exciting, just a lot of colours and some size changes.
It turned out the paper button was for wiping the screen free of ink.  It looks like plastic cling wrap being pulled off the screen.

And the box button on the bottom of the screen was the export button, letting you save your images in your camera roll, email them, or save it in the AirPresenter app itself.  It turns out that when you save the photos you can access them later under the grid button present in the menu.

Even after playing with the app for a couple of minutes I could barely see the point of it.  It seemed like a drawing app, but one that wasn't particularly great, and one that I had found confusing to use.  I figured I better actually check the description in the App Store to see what the developers wanted you to use it for.  According to them, the app is supposed to be used via airplay as a presentation tool.

I guess.  I mean, I can barely see it being functional in that way.  It would be a bit of a pain to use and I imagine there are more than a couple of apps that work that way.  Though, maybe not, I can't think of any off the top of my head.  I suppose you could use Penultimate or Skitch or something via airplay to draw on an image.  There menus are easier to use.  I just don't see any real advantages of using AirPresenter.

I am going to say give it a pass for now.  Unless you can think of some specific uses for it, and there could be, I just don't see any reason to not delete it from my ipad right now.

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