Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back to Glogster

After a bit of a hiatus with Glogster we are using it with a Grade 6 class tomorrow.  I really like the concept of Glogster, but I had in the recent past found it slightly difficult to work with.  The interface was slightly kludgy, and occasionally it was also really slow.  It did sometimes take too long to upload images as well, which made it essentially unusable too.

Much seems to have changed though.  The interface appears to have undergone a facelift, with the focus being on speed and usability, and just as important the overall stability of the site seems to be doing a lot better too.  When the site was free, this was forgivable  but now that the site is one that needs to be paid for, it is only fitting that it do a better job of being functional.  

Regardless, the Grade 6 class was doing countries, and have already finished their research, all that is left is for them to present their work.  The teacher had previously done the presentation via poster board, so doing it digitally is a big departure.  Using the also new project settings I am hoping this will be easier for the teacher to manage the finished product and assess them.

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