Monday, February 11, 2013

Google Earth in Grade 5

I have always been a big fan of Google Earth.  It has so much information, and presents it such an interesting manner.  I have used it before for a couple of lessons, in particular for a Grade 4 scavenger virtual scavenger hunt where they had to tour the city looking for the answers to the clues.  It was fun, but just involved looking at information that was already present in Google.

On Friday a Grade 5 teacher wanted to an activity involving Google Earth where the students would search around the Nile River for a variety of landforms.  They would mostly rely on the pictures found on Google Earth as well the natural features you can see there.  I told her it sound alright, and made the arrangements to do it with the students.

Looking closer at Google Earth though, I remembered a recent post I had seen detailing the fact that more tours had been added to Google Earth.  I checked them out, and they were pretty interesting, but I had no idea that it was so easy to actually create your own tours!

After the students did their search of the Nile I just had them do a quick tour of their favourite places in the city.  They found it quite an easy task, and that means in the future I will be trying this with another group of students.  Best part?  The tours can be saved as KML files that when opened open Google Earth and start the tour right away.

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  1. Very cool! Do you have any of the KML files that you can share as an example?