Thursday, February 21, 2013

Listing of Apps

Recently the my school district started grade level sharing sessions.  Some subsection of the district will meet at grade level, such as all the Grade 6 teachers in one area, and for the day they will just share ideas and work with each other.  I am not a grade anything teacher, but from what I hear from those who have participated they sound pretty great, and the overall feeling from those attending has been very positive. Teachers feel like they are getting something real and tangible from co-workers who have been dealing with the exact same ideas as them, plus gives them a chance to share their own ideas or just bounce them off others.

At the last set of sessions on of the major topics was a sharing of Ipad apps. In theory it was a great idea, but when I saw the way the apps were presented, I wasn't particularly excited.  It was just a big list, with nothing to tell you what any of the apps did. It might have been ok for the those who were actually there but for anyone else it was just a big list of apps and a second note after it denoting if it was free, or if it had a cost, how much it was.

I am going to take these giant lists of apps and check through each of the free ones, and try and figure out if I personally find them useful.  I can then at least share what they do with some of my collegues so they have more information to go on then just the name of the app. And while I know you could search for the app on the App Store, honestly, I find that one of the worst places to find information about apps as it usually ends up being nothing more than an advertisement created by the developer to make you want to buy your app. Reviews sometimes help, but I find quite often that some educational apps have few, if any reviews associated with them.

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