Monday, July 22, 2013

Mapping with Google

I was really excited when I saw that Google was offering this course, Mapping with Google. I saw notice of this at the same time that I saw the notice about the Creative Computing Online Workshop. I love online maps because of the variety of ways they have for looking at information about places. In school I have found them great too. I mean, if you are going to study a place in school, why would you start by looking at a paper map or a text book when you can look online and see real pictures and information that is pretty current. Even better, with a tool like Google Maps. or Scribble Maps, you can add information or annotate the map. The course was great too, it showed how to add information to Google Earth as well. I certainly plan to try and use some of this stuff at school. Even during my Masters program I used Google Maps. I collected stories from people who lived in my area, recorded them, put them online, and posted the stories on a map. It looked pretty cool, and it was an awesome way to tour through the stories.

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