Monday, November 11, 2013

Animal Cards via BigHugeLabs

The Grade 3 students at school are making something fun. We are using BigHugeLabs to make cards about animals. They are similar to a Pokemon Trading Card, having a picture of the animal on them, and then facts about the animal on the card too. Students did a little research via several sites, National Geographic Kids, A-Z Animals, and Canadian Geographic. After writing their work and proofreading it, they selected a picture of their animal and created the cards. Or are the process of doing so.

My initial plan was to just print them at school via the color printer, but I sent a couple of samples that kids had mostly finished to Wal-Marts online photo centre. At only 15 cents a photo I was hardly breaking the bank making 8.

I was pretty happy with the finished results, so when the students have them all finished I will be sending them all in to be printed. 

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