Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hour of Code

I signed up for the Hour of Code recently and hoped to do it with at least some of the kids in the school. The way my schedule worked out I had Grade 2 classes during the Computer Science Education Week, and while I wouldn't mind the challenge of trying it with students that young, half of the Grade 2 classes are French Immersion. Their ability to read English instructions at this age is ah, well, pretty bad. They start English instruction in Grade 3.

Instead I opted for a different route. I decided to take all of my lunch break and invite interested students in Grade 4, 5, and 6 to take part. After letting the teachers know I had my 24 slots filled up within 15 minutes. The kids came to the lab at lunch time and seemed to have a great time. It was easy really because I had spent the previous week with the Grade 6 students doing an introduction to programming activities, namely Blockly and Scratch. The Hour of Code activities included a Scratch option so many of the students tried out their Holiday Card option or tried to make a Christmas game. It was a great time, with only one minor glitch where a students Christmas project didn't save in Scratch. I can really call it a glitch because during 15 one hour classes using Scratch it was the first time someone's work didn't save. It was too bad because it was a really cool project where Scratch the Cat opened a present and something popped out.

So here are so pictures of the kids hard at work!