Thursday, February 13, 2014

Google Earth Tours

Google Earth is awesome, and you can do all kinds of fun things using it, including exploring the world. It also has some fun methods for adding information to the globe, but they tend to be slightly clunky to use. Enter Google Tour Builder, and viola, problem solved. It is just in Beta at the moment, and hopefully it isn't one of the things that Google will kill off, but for now it works great. Students can log onto the site, and very easily create a tour around the globe showcasing some different information. If you are studying the world it is a much nicer format than slamming everything into a powerpoint or a prezi. We just finished an activity with the Grade 6 students where they had to show an athletes journey to Sochi. While hardly perfect, it was the first time working with it for me and the students, and I think there are some decent jobs in there. You can see all of them by click on the 6 link at the top of the page, or you can view a great example one below.

Fred's tour of Alexandre Bilodeau