Monday, July 7, 2014

Maker Camp 2014

I remember reading about these MakerCamps last year. There are certainly no physical camps near us, although I do remember hearing about a maker group that uses a building in some city park...

Anyways, the maker movement is all about making stuff. Using pretty much any medium. So it could be wood, wool, digital, or something crazy like 3D printing. Often this has great educational implications. I mean you could learn how a pully works, or you could do something with one!

Google, with Make, offers these camps during the summer. There are 6 different weeks of activities, from Makers in Motion, DIY Music, and Fun & Games. There are activities every week, as well as an online field trip! For example, the Fun & Games week camp includes a field trip to LEGO in Denmark.

Maker Camp 2014